Monday, March 21, 2011

The High Utility of Poly Plastic Bags

Using packaging products manufactured out of polyethylene is an environmentally friendly way to package and ship products at low cost to your company. Polyethylene is a very versatile manufacturing material and can be utilized in many different ways to help benefit your company. Some typical polyethylene products include shipping plastic envelopes, packaging film for the food and agriculture industry, poly bags for securing different products, heavy duty bags, security bags and more. Poly bags offer great versatility and can help your growing business develop a branding strategy that promotes growth.
When you look down a store aisle, what draws your eye? Say you're at your local hardware store and you're walking through a long corridor full of 40 pound bags of soil. How do you choose which type of soil you want? And how do you associate a
quality product with a quality company? You look for the brand with the good reputation and you find their products quickly by their custom branded heavy duty bags. Heavy duty bags that are printed with custom logos, pictures and colors definitely help differentiate one product from another and will help separate your quality product from the rest.
Another great use for poly packaging film is the manufacturing of shipping plastic envelopes, especially custom branded ones. The major
shipping companies have done this particularly well. Brown and white plastic envelopes are automatically associated with UPS, red and yellow with DHL, and FedEx masterfully uses their white, purple and orange color scheme. If you run an e-commerce style business, developing a custom branded shipping plastic envelope will definitely benefit your marketing and branding initiatives when your faithful customers see your package sitting on their doorstep.
Even apart from branding and marketing, there are specialty poly plastic products that serve a purpose beyond packaging. Poly plastic security bags are used by financial institutions, armored carriers, retailers and police departments for transferring cash, payroll,  securing evidence, and other valuables. Typical poly plastic security bags feature a tamper-evident closure system and a writable surface to help categorically organize the valuables for greater accountability. These bags can be customized to suit your purpose, but their main function is to keep valuables safe and secure.
One last benefit of using poly plastic for your packaging and shipping is that poly plastic products can be partially made out of post consumer recycled content, which makes the product more sustainable and helps reduce the carbon footprint of your operations. Typical poly plastic products that are made out of  Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, help reduce the use of natural resources such as forests, oil and gas reserves.

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